Travelling in style… again!


Flying over the snow capped Cantabrian Mountains of Western Spain.

Nobody should be awake at 5am!

I really shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself because I’m off on holiday, and there are definitely worse reasons to be awake so early! At least this time, I was already in London and didn’t have to endure the three hour drive to the airport. All I needed was to make a short hop on the bus and I’d be there in no time. My friend walked me to the bus stop because I haven’t the faintest idea how to get around Kingston! The bus pulled up to the stop, I bid my friend farewell and hopped on the bus.


Don’t you just love it when there’s a clock on the bus to remind you how early you’re awake!

It wasn’t too long before I could see planes parked on the apron, and I knew I’d at least made it to the perimeter of the airport. It wasn’t much longer before I was at the departure hall and ready to check in.


Hello Terminal 2… I don’t think we’ve met before.

I approached the check-in desks and walked over to the empty business class check-in desk. The agent almost looked bored, and I think my approach towards the desk was welcome relief from the boredom. I was quickly checked in, handed my boarding pass and then asked “are you familiar with the lounges?”

Without even missing a beat, I instinctively responded “not at this terminal”. Good save Chris; wouldn’t want them thinking you never fly business class!

It was a short walk to fast track security, a short walk through security, and another short walk before I was presented with the Lufthansa lounge.


As soon as I passed the scrutiny of the receptionist I was in, and there were two things on my mind… coffee and breakfast! There’s nothing quite like a decent breakfast in the airport lounge, knowing that you’ll also have a second breakfast on the plane!

I quickly made myself familiar with their coffee machine, and their cooked section with its endless supply of bacon. While I was there, I also found myself having a bit of a sad moment over how cool the ketchup was!


Tiny pot of ketchup; where have you been all my life?

With breakfast out of the way, I just chilled in the lounge in the only way I know how…


I don’t even care that it’s barely past 7 in the morning – it’s 7pm somewhere in the world!

Fairly soon, it was time for me to make my way to the gate ready to board my flight. I didn’t even have to walk far and it must have taken me two minutes at most.


Not long to go now!


There were no empty seats at all back in economy, but I was sharing five rows of seats with two other passengers!


A little while later, I was all breakfasted up and it was just a matter of waiting while we cruised at hundreds of miles an hour towards Portugal. I took the opportunity to listen to some music – The North Borders by Bonobo was a perfect soundtrack to the flight. Soon, I  arrived at a drizzly Lisbon, deplaned and strolled past baggage reclaim because I only took hand luggage.

And now to to take the not so glamorous mode of transport into Lisbon old town…


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