Thoughts on the Victory Ceremonies costumes


Most of you should, by now, be familiar with the costume worn by victory ceremonies volunteers thanks to Team GB’s sudden surge of gold medals (if not, it’s in a few of the previous posts). While the costume has grown on me since I first saw it back in July, it does have its fair share of critics – many people see past the victory ceremonies aspect and see all sorts of different things. Here’s a rundown of the ones I’ve heard:

  • Star Trek – By far the most common description (thanks Daily Mail!), this is what most people have come to associate the costume with. Unfortunately, it is struggling to shake off this reputation and it had become something of an inside joke – I even heard one of the other medal bearers say “beam me up, Scotty” on the way back from the field of play!
  • Cabin crew – Yes, this is also pretty common. What people can’t agree on is the price point of the airline; with some saying we’d be a high end airline and others saying we’re far too tacky and would be a good fit for selling scratchards and £10 sandwiches!
  • Bond villain – One of my friends (as explained in a previous post) said that I looked like a Bond villain and she could imagine me sitting in a chair and stroking a cat… sounds about right!
  • Priest – Without the jacket, the collar makes us look similar to priests… apparently.
  • Premier Inn – This one actually made me laugh – someone said that a group photo of us looked like the head office of Premier Inn!

There’s still a lot of time left, so I’m sure there will be plenty more to come!

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