Beast from the East: The Sequel


Water flowing from Roath Lake into Roath Brook
(You can probably tell from the photo that it was still snowing at the time!)

Film stock: Ilford HP5 Plus (120)
Shot at ASA 400.
Developed: Self-developed (Ilfosol 3)
Camera: Mamiya 645

It kinda feels like we just had snow like two weeks ago.

…oh wait, that’s because we literally did have snow two weeks ago!😂

Also, did I mention it was my birthday? Yeah, going out and taking photos of the snow is not an activity I normally associate with my birthday, and yet here we are! I’m already contemplating the fact that this was my first ever birthday snow day, but probably my last too. Obviously this was something to take advantage of.

My last batch of snow photos was heavily focussed around Bute Park and the city centre. This time, I thought I would venture in the other direction and head to Roath Park to see what it was like over there. Obviously the snow was nowhere near as bad as last time, and Cardiff managed to not panic this time – all the buses were still running for the whole day. Despite this, I did venture out the fron door and was faced with a literal blizzard (by which I mean it was snowing and windy at the same time… I realise northern Europeans are currently laughing at me!)

Bridge over Roath Brook

As I expected, Roath Park was looking just as magical as I would have expected (although, Roath Lake completely froze over last time, and I’m kinda gutted I didn’t get to see it). A roll of medium format film has fifteen shots on it when shooting in 6×4.5 format, and I finished the entire roll before I even had a chance to think. After heading home via lunch, I got started with the developing process.

Some of my previous black and white work was developed using Rodinal, but this time I opted for Ilford chemicals and used a regular developing process. Unfortunately, I hadn’t quite mixed enough chemicals to cover the entire film and there was an entire strip on the top of the film that was under developed. I guess that’s one mistake I’ll definitely be learning from!

Nonetheless, I did get some pretty good results from this – despite the mistake – and I’m pretty pleased with the photos!

Palm trees covered in snow is obviously a pretty weird sight

Dog walkers in Roath Park

I used to live in Roath, and the thing I miss most is being a 20 second walk from The Rec

This tree stood out to me as being particularly photogenic

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Fairy light portraits

Film stock: Ilford Delta 3200 (medium format)
Developed: Self-developed
Camera: Mamiya 645

I haven’t really been much of a portrait person in the past, and I’ve never shot anything above ISO 400 (on film at least – I definitely have on digital). I had a roll of Delta 3200 sitting unused in my stockpile of film, and I just needed to find some use for it. In the end, I decided to do some portraits with additional (non flash-based) lighting.

This was a very experimental roll of film, and I wasn’t expecting any miracles from it, so the fact that even just 3/4 out of 15 shots turned out well was a pleasant surprise – it’s always difficult doing low light photography when you can’t even review your shots afterwards. The other thing that also surprised me was the graininess, or the lack of it rather. I’ve used some really grainy films at ISO 400, so I was expecting this film to be a whole lot worse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a grainy film, but just nowehere near as bad as I’ve seen with some other film styles.

So without further ado, here are the small handful of photos I actually think turned out well:

Obviously thank you to Eva and Louise for being such willing models for this shoot. 🙂