The sound of an alarm at 6:15am is not the most pleasant experience in the world… luckily I woke up five minutes before my alarm! I had to travel to London again, and this time it was for my first victory ceremonies rehearsal. Once again, it was a long return journey ahead of me and I boarded the 7:22 train from Bangor and, thankfully, I managed to get a direct train and avoided the pleasure (!) of having to change trains.

The train was pretty quiet, but I looked around me and noticed that every other seat was reserved from Chester. As we pulled in to the station at Chester, it was almost impossible to see the platform through the crowd of people. Nobody got off the train, but it felt as if the entire population of Chester were getting on! It only took a few minutes, and all the seats were taken up with a lot of people still standing. A man (presumably American because of his accent) spoke to his wife and asked “why would you sell more tickets than you have seats?”, to which a fellow passenger quickly responded “welcome to Britain!” I did feel sorry for those still standing, but when another passenger dismisses your seat reservation and insists that they have a God-given right to your seat my sympathy somewhat diminishes… especially when the passenger in question only has a twenty-minute journey to Crewe!

After I finally got to 3 Mills Studios in London, I got to finally put faces to the names of my producer and coordinator. We started off with the obligatory meeting of fellow team members and team-building exercises (involving oversized tennis balls and miming!) Of course, one of the highlights of the day was that we finally got to try on our costume. A common complaint was that a few people had changed sizes since measurements were taken in January – I was quite pleased that my terrible student diet hadn’t caused weight changes!

The costume is, well… purple! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever worn in my life. Given the way it looks, it should feel like a suit, but it doesn’t! It’s probably going to take a while to get used to the sleeves and the lack of a lapel. I’m not sure if the costumes are designed to allow us to blend in or to draw attention to us, but I imagine it will achieve the latter!

Costume   Costume

I finally found out what team I’m on:


Obviously, having been designed by the Royal College of Art, they needed to make some sort of statement with our costumes, but the costume does have its critics. Some say that it looks reminiscent of Star Trek, some just say it looks downright ridiculous. I did get some interesting comments on it, including the one below:

The journey home obviously included a stop in Westfield Stratford City, which is where I found this little fellow – I had to have a photo! 😀


The train journey home asn’t as uneventful as I would have liked, since I had to change trains twice at Crewe and twice again at Chester. Apparently, this was due to a derailment near Shrewsbury. I’m not sure how that would have affected my train and I’m still pretty sure they were using it as an excuse for everything as Arriva often do (down in South Wales, it always seems to be a tree on the line in Barry!) As if this wasn’t enough, a hen party then walked onto the train. They were unable to get seats together and felt the need to shout to each other from one end of the carriage to the other – I quickly got out my iPod and drowned out their drunken conversations!

After an early start, I finally arrived home at 11:30. I normally wouldn’t be too happy about such long days but since this is for the Olympics I think I’ll forgive them! I have two more of these to look forward to… yay!

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