Reality hasn’t quite hit me yet!


I’ve been in London for a few days now, and it still doesn’t feel real – probably due to the juxtaposition of being involved in a massive worldwide event and the fact that my home for the Olympics is a tent three miles north of Stratford. Had someone told me, back in 2005 when we got the Olympics, that I’d be a medal bearer I wouldn’t have believed them! Had they then told me that I’d be watching the swimming on an iPad in a tent three miles north of the aquatics centre, I definitely wouldn’t have believed them (actually, I’d ask them what the hell an iPad is, but that’s a different matter entirely!!)

My home for the Olympics

My home for the Olympic games!

I’ll soon have my first victory ceremony, and I feel both excited and nervous. For now though, I have a few days off to enjoy London before. I’ve managed to acquire tickets to see handball at the Copper Box in a few days, so I’m quite looking forward to that – not only because it’ll be a chance to watch an Olympic event as a spectator, but because I’ll also get into the Olympic park (none of my ceremonies are based there).

I’m now off to see what other tickets I can get my hands on – wish me luck!!

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