Random acts of kindness


You know those brilliant moments when you happen to be in the right place at the right time? Obviously some are better than others and, for me, it didn’t really get much better than this:

I happened to be up a little early that day since I needed to find a library and finish off some work. Once I had that out of the way, there was still some time until my Wembley Arena rehearsal (it was now around 12, and I didn’t start until 6:30). I happened to be in Leyton since I knew they had a library and, it being so close to Stratford, I decided to make my way to Westfield and have a bit of a browse. If I’m being honest, Westfield seems to have been my default “I’m bored and don’t know what to do” place, so this was nothing new to me.

Once I arrived at Stratford, I made my way into Westfield. To get there from Stratford involved crossing a bridge over the station and, as I crossed this bridge, I was stopped by a stranger walking in the opposite direction. I initially thought he might be asking for directions to the Olympic park (I was wearing uniform at the time). He then proceeded to take a ticket out of his bag and I thought he was a ticket tout!

As it turns out, he had a ticket to the handball in the basketball arena. He had since acquired a ticket to see the basketball in ExCeL so he had a spare ticket and, not wanting it to fall into the hands of the touts, he decided he’d give it to the first games maker he saw… which happened to be me! 🙂 He then walked off excitedly shouting “basketball! WOOOOO!”

So I was left standing there with a ticket in my hands. I’d already seen handball once, and was actually quite excited at the prospect of seeing another match – and it solved the time dilemma quite nicely since it filled up the time between then and my shift.


For those who are interested, the match was France v Spain, and the final score was 23-22 to France. It was a very close match and I personally thought Spain were the better team, but it was a win nonetheless.

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