Opening Ceremony Rehearsal


*NOTE: This post was written on July 25th, but it wasn’t published until AFTER the opening ceremony to save the surprise.*

This morning, I made my way to London not realising the magnitude of what was to come. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I acquired tickets to one of the “secret” opening ceremony rehearsals – you know, the one that wasn’t much of a secret! Since London 2012 have the mammoth task of following Beijing 2009, I wasn’t expecting much of Danny Boyle and his massive team of volunteers and performers.

As most of you will have probably seen it by the time you read this post, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Danny Boyle is an absolute genius – he definitely impressed the sceptics. I managed to get amazing seats in row 7, which made for some stunning photos:

The walk to the Olympic park:

Walking to the Olympic Park

I have to admit, the Olympic Stadium looks fantastic – definitely an iconic stadium:

The Olympic Stadium and The Orbit

Me at the Olympic Park

The Olympic Stadium

I think we can safely say the weather was better for the rehearsal than it was for the ceremony itself! Despite this, there was this one cloud I didn’t like the look of:


This bit was entitled “Pandemonium” – it involved the deconstruction of the set to make way for the industrial revolution:



As a tribute to the fallen troops of the country, they slowed down the ceremony in their honour. I think it was these parts that made the opening ceremony what it was – without them, it would have been an emotionless extravaganza.



And in come the Olympic rings!





The nurses were fantastic! To think that most of these people have never been in the performing arts before makes their achievement extraordinary – even more so considering that some of them fit rehearsals around full time jobs in the NHS!




The joys of being at a rehearsal is that we get a conductor without an orchestra:




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