Macho Tour


Rossio Square, and another Christmas tree.

It’s my last full day in Lisbon today, and I’m starting it in the same way I started the day yesterday – with another one of Rui’s walking tours (his second ever tour!)

It started late again, and we wandered over to Rossio Square for the usual introductions. Today, it turns out everyone on the tour is male – which is quite rare. Rui took the opportunity to call this the “macho tour”.

On yesterday’s tour, we headed east from the hostel and ventured out in the Alfama direction. Naturally, we’d be heading west today to Bairro Alto.


Some more Lisbon streets

As we wandered through Rossio station, up the stairs, and continued upwards, I was once again reminded that Lisbon is not a very flat city! While we were wandering through the upper districts, the weather did also take a turn…


To be honest, I am curious about what they were filming, but it’ll probably only be on Portuguese TV and I’ll never quite know what was going on!

We stood for a little while watching them film a number of people walking through the snow, and listened to a brief history of the area we were in. Once they’d finished filming, they were really quick to clean up after themselves, and it must have only taken about five minutes until there were only subtle hints of snow left.

We walked past the film set, and continued walking in a distinctly upward direction!


Looking back down the street we just walked up. This is pretty standard for Lisbon.

We did eventually reach the highest planned point on the tour, and I don’t think Rui could resist a good vantage point… and neither could I!


The view towards Alfama and the castle.

Soon we wandered back down towards the banks of the river. Obviously we stopped in a few places on the way back for brief history lessons. We did also walk past “pink street”, which I believe is where we ended up on my first night, and it’s where Music Box is located.


My recollection of this street from my first night is a little darker and blurrier!

As we continued down, we made it to the banks of the river, and walked back in the direction of the Praça do Comércio, past a distinctly Portuguese statue…


Despite what the cloud is saying, today was another beautiful day.

As we continued walking along the river, there was another sculpture, albeit a less permanent one. It looked really cool, and I feel like the artists took their time to make it perfect. As far as I can tell, it was to welcome Pope Francis to Lisbon, although I had no idea if/when he was visiting. Either way, it definitely deserved a photo.


Pretty cool sculpture.


Time for a group photo of the “macho tour”.

As we arrived at the square, it was suggested that this tour ends in a special way which nobody objected to – ginjinha… again!


Well… who am I to say no!

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