Lee Valley Rehearsals


So by now, you may think that the job of Victory Ceremonies people is to stand and look pretty – it’s so much more than that (well, for the others at least!) The victory ceremonies team works with almost every other functional area (if not all) from the Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) to ensure that the ceremony looks its best on TV, sports presentation to ensure that the athletes are in the correct order (not too much of a problem for canoe slalom), UPS to make sure all our costumes have arrived on venue and even catering (yes, medal bearers DO require food!)

A lot of rehearsals go into that short ceremony you see on TV – it’s been over a month since I started training, and I haven’t even done a real ceremony yet! For those of you who are interested, this is what a rehearsal looks like. I’m not in it, but it does give you a sense of what’s going on:



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