Cinematic Magic

Film stock: Kodak Vision3 5219 (35mm)
Shot at ASA 500.
Developed: Self-developed
Camera: Canon A-1

Most of the film I’ve been shooting so far has been photographic film, so I decided to try something a little different for a change.

I’ve had a few spools of cinema film for a while, but I’d never really got round to using them. In light of this fact, I decided my 35mm camera needed some love, so I loaded it up with some Kodak Vision3 5219 (an ISO 500 tungsten balanced film) and went for a bit of an adventure around Cardiff (and Penarth). I’ve decided I really like this film, and I’m tempted to just live out the rest of my days in tungsten balance because life would look so much prettier!

I shot an entire roll in the space of a day, so you might also be able to tell from the photos that I spent a significant amount of time on this. This journey involved a walk into the city centre, which is where I spent some time wandering in and out of the arcades – some of my favourite places in Cardiff. From here, I trekked over to Penarth by bus and made my way back into Cardiff via the barrage.

In hindsight, this may not have been the wisest decision – it rained for pretty much my entire walk. But I wasn’t going to let a bit of rain get the best of me, so onward I persevered, and I’d like to think the photos I got were worth it…

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