Film stock: Kodak Portra 400 (35mm)
Developed: Express Imaging
Camera: Canon A-1
Canon EOS 70D for the digital photos

I recently got into film photography. I’m also apparently quite the risk taker so, rather than practising a bit with film photography first, I apparently dived in headfirst and took my film camera to be used for the first time ever (well… my first time ever; it was second hand after all!) to Iceland!

I’m not entirely sure what the draw was to Iceland, but I think it was partly driven by a desire to see the Northern Lights at least once in my lifetime… and cheap flights!

Sidenote: I would later learn that the only cheap thing about Iceland is the cost of getting there!

I arrived at Keflavík airport when it was already dark, and it was pretty much midnight as I arrived into Reykjavík, so I didn’t see much of it during my arrival – I basically just checked into my hostel, got to my room, and promptly fell asleep.

I had a bit more of a chance the next day to explore Reykjavík, and did some of the classic Icelandic things… such as eating Skyr (which is obviously delicious, and very Icelandic) and had a wander round the place. I also very slowly grew used to the cost of things in Iceland – about £20 for a bowl of soup expensive! This is also partly why the free walking tour got my attention!

Here are my photos from Reykjavík itself:

And here is the Golden Circle…

Seeing as this was my first ever trip with a film camera, I did take a backup with me this time. Here are some of my shots taken with a digital camera. A trip to Iceland at this time of year would, of course, not be complete without seeing the Northern Lights, so I have these too!