I try to surround myself with friends who are also photographers – it’s the best way to get photogenic images of yourself!

I’m Chris, and I like to think of myself as a city person born in the country. I’m originally from Caernarfon, and spent my entire childhood living about equidistant between the beach, the mountains and the forests. I now live in Cardiff, which is a fairly good compromise between city living and being close to nature.

By day I work in public health, which is a passion of mine and I take great pride in my work in infectious disease epidemiology. By night, my other passion is (obviously!) photography. I like to vary my photography a lot, but I always seem to gravitate towards landscape photography (both urban and rural) and nature.

You may have also noticed by now but I’m a mixed-medium photographer, and I frequently switch between film photograhy and digital. Both media have their merits, and I’m in no way a purist (I sometimes wish I were though, because there have been times where I’ve carried a bulky medium format film camera and an SLR at the same time!)

This blog is mostly composed of photography and travel (depending on how frequent my travel is at the time!) There may be some variations on this theme from time to time.


Instagram: @theobservantpheasant
Twitter: @ObsrvntPheasant
Warning: Also contains some politics, and me complaining about trains!

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