Cinematic Magic

Film stock: Kodak Vision3 5219 (35mm)
Shot at ASA 500.
Developed: Self-developed
Camera: Canon A-1

Most of the film I’ve been shooting so far has been photographic film, so I decided to try something a little different for a change.

I’ve had a few spools of cinema film for a while, but I’d never really got round to using them. In light of this fact, I decided my 35mm camera needed some love, so I loaded it up with some Kodak Vision3 5219 (an ISO 500 tungsten balanced film) and went for a bit of an adventure around Cardiff (and Penarth). I’ve decided I really like this film, and I’m tempted to just live out the rest of my days in tungsten balance because life would look so much prettier!

I shot an entire roll in the space of a day, so you might also be able to tell from the photos that I spent a significant amount of time on this. This journey involved a walk into the city centre, which is where I spent some time wandering in and out of the arcades – some of my favourite places in Cardiff. From here, I trekked over to Penarth by bus and made my way back into Cardiff via the barrage.

In hindsight, this may not have been the wisest decision – it rained for pretty much my entire walk. But I wasn’t going to let a bit of rain get the best of me, so onward I persevered, and I’d like to think the photos I got were worth it…

Another rainy day in Cardiff

Film stock: Fomapan 200 (medium format)
Developed: Self-developed
Camera: Mamiya 645

I had no plans this weekend. The main reason for this was the rain – I’d told myself I might go out and do some photography, but the weather wasn’t looking too favourable. As the day progressed though, I decided I needed to do something – if I did nothing whenever it rained, then I’d probably never achieve anything considering I live in Wales! 😂

At about 2pm, I made the decision that I would venture out and brave the rain, and I also decided I’d test out a new film in the process – Fomapan 200. Once I was out, the rain wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected it to be, but my route through Bute Park did mean I was walking under a canopy of trees the vast majority of the time. If I need to get into Cardiff city centre and I’m not in any rush, this is probably my favourite walking route to get there. My plan in the future is to walk this route a number of times using different films (and at different times of the year – Autumn colours on Ektar anyone?)

Like I said I’ve never used Fomapan before, but I’ve decided I like the film. It’s a little grainier than any other film of this speed, but it has a certain pleasing aesthetic to it. (To be honest though, I don’t think grain is of any particular concern at ISO 200.) I’m also not quite sure how exactly to explain this, but the photos have a certain warmth to them(?) I know they’re black and white photos and there’s no colour in them, but there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on – maybe someone else can tell me what I’m seeing?

Given the advantage of hingsight, I would have probably chosen a film of at least ISO 400, but that’s not really a criticism of the film – just a criticism of the day in general and how dark and rainy it was!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the image set of the day: