Night photography at Bute Park


Llandaff Fields after dark

I’m still not entirely sure what drives my photographic decisions, and my urges to do some photography are sometimes the most random thing ever. After finishing work last night, I noticed that the sky was clear and decided it had been a while since any stars had featured in my photos.

I live a short distance away from the Taff Trail, but I’d never really seen it at night. Now, I’m not saying I was expecting it to be dangerous or anything, but I was surprised by how many people were walking and cycling the trail at night. If I lived in London though, I probably wouldn’t have done this if I’m being completely honest!

I think night photography is one of my favourite types of photography, and it’s where you can find me in my element. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Trees from the Taff Trail

The Taff Trail

Blackweir Bridge

Llandaff Fields

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