I love free stuff!


The idea that volunteering is an altruistic act is a little idealistic – not many people can say they volunteer and expect absolutely nothing in return. Most people might volunteer to further their career or get training, some might volunteer for the freebies and some people are forced to “volunteer”.

While many people say they volunteered for the Olympics just to “get involved”, there was always the hope that they could get in and actually see an event. This is why the opening ceremony dress rehearsal tickets are highly sought after (well, by the people who haven’t got them at least). You can imagine my excitement when I opened my email and found a message saying I’d been allocated a ticket, especially when I got a seat in the 7th row of the lower tier – so close to the action!

So this is yet another event I have to look forward to this Summer – the prospect of seeing the London 2012 opening ceremony before the general public just makes me giddy with excitement (okay, maybe not that much, but still pretty excited). I look forward to extensive bag searches, airport security style checks and probably a ban on cameras – but it will all be worth it when I can say to people that I was there before most people were! 😀

Pretty exciting stuff! 😀